Yarob BADR

Regional Advisor on Transport and Logistics

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

‏- Septemer 2014 – Present ( 2years 8 months )

Technical Cooperation & Expertise Consultancies and Advisory Missions
To Arab Countries in the field of Transport and Logistics

  1. Provide technical assistance and advisory services to public officials involved in transport issues, including the
    formulation and the implementation of integrated systems, technical standards, rehabilitation of ports, border crossing logistics,
    etc. Particular focus will be placed on the continued development, financing, implementation and expansion of the various
    components of the Integrated Transport System in the Arab Mashreq (ITSAM) including but not limited to multimodal transport,
    transport and trade facilitation, customs, logistics and road traffic safety.
    2. Carry out short-term advisory missions to governments and relevant stakeholders to advise senior decision makers on
    issues associated with transport related Policies, through:
    a) Monitoring and follow up on the ratification and implementation by the member countries of the three transport UN
    conventions adopted under the auspices of ESCWA including the provision of secretariat services to the parties of these
    b) Examining institutional capacities to undertake integrated transport policymaking, public-private initiatives, and the role
    of the development policies in achieving integration with neighboring countries, at the sub regional level, and at the regional level;
    c) Examining the impact of the implementation of international agreements mainly Agreement on International Roads in the Arab Mashreq on enhancing intra-regional trade and border crossing facilitation. Establishing quantitative tools, indexes and indicators is the a core requirement of this assignment;
    d) Proposing and discussing ideas in building capacity for policymaking, planning, financing transport infrastructure that support the implementation of the transport infrastructure projects mainly those related to the international agreements falling under ITSAM framework;

University Saint Joseph (USJ) / September 2012 – September 2014

‏Master Program on Traffic Safety Management
Contribution to the preparation of the program curricula in 2012.
Preparation and teaching of the related courses (2012/2013 and 2013/2014):
Plans and Policies for Road Safety:
The Implementation of National System for Road Safety Management
Research Methods in Road Safety:
Integration Seminar (with the Chairholder Pr. Ramzi Salamé.
Preparation of the concept paper for the International Conference on Road Safety which is organized by USJ on March 2014.
Member of the Scientific committee of the above mentioned conference.
Teaching of the following courses:
1- Plans and Policies for Road Safety (4 Credits)
2- The Implementation of National System for Road Safety Management (4 Credits)
3- Research Methods in Road Safety (3 Credits)
4- Integration Seminar (2 Credits, with the Chair Master Pr. Ramzi Salamé)

Arab International University / September 2011 – September 2014 / Chair: Road and Traffic Engineering

  • Minister of Transportation / Syria

February 2006 – September 2011

Main Achievements:
• Implementation of the projects of the 10th Five Year Plan with rate of execution 95.6%. The total amount of Public Expenditure reached 88.4 Billions of Syrian Pounds, equivalent to 1.9 Billion of US $.
• Increase of the total GDP of the Transportation Sector from 14.3 Billion of Syrian pound in 2005 to 18.5 Billion of Syrian pound in 2010 ( Total Growth 29.4% in 5 years).
• Implementation with success of the first PPP projects in the Syrian ports, through transparent international tenders.
• Activate the cooperation with international bodies for the realization of specialized surveys and studies in the service of defining policies and implementing projects and reform actions.
• The Formulation and Implementation of numerous laws, decrees and regulatory texts developing and reforming the sector of transports in Syria.
• The adoption of a successful approach of Public Concertation and Community Participation in the phases of preparation and discussions of new laws and regulatory frameworks.
• Lead policy and coordinate actions in favor of Urban Public Transportation in Syria, with the engagement of the private sector in operating conventional standard buses networks in main Syrian cities.
• The adoption of a successful policy promoting comprehensive programs and actions for Traffic Safety resulted in the reduction of total number of Traffic Fatalities in Syria from 2818 in 2007 to 2116 in 2010, with a reduction of 24.9% in 3 years.
• Application with success, in cooperation with a world bank team, of a rational method for the definition and prioritization of actions and projects of the 11th Five Years Plan.
• The net improvement of the quality of Higher staff officials in the Ministry, especially in the field of PPP operations, which was obtained through the implementation of adequate capacity building programs and on job training in cooperation with EU, UN and World Bank technical assistances.

Assistant Professor / Tishreen University / February 2006 – April 2013

Teaching the following courses on the Under Graduate Level:
– Transportation Systems Management and Planning
– Urban Transportation Planning
– Urban Public Transportation
– Transportation Safety
Teaching the following courses on the Graduate level:
– Statistics
– Systems Approach in Transportation
– Research Methods
Supervising Bsc Final Projects and Msc Dissertations.

‏October 1986 – September 1992

First preparing my Ph D in the field of Driver Behavior and Traffic Safety, till 1990. Then Visiting Researcher.
Participated to the creation of DESS on “Transportation Safety”.



Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Transportation/Mobility Management

1987 – 1991

Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

PhD, Transportation

1986 – 1991

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria,

Bsc in Civil Engineering, Transportation and Highway Engineering, Very Good (78/100), Second Major / 1977 – 1982

1-Teaching the following courses at the under graduate level:
– Transportation Systems Analysis
– Urban Transportation Planning
– Public Transportation Management and Planning
– Transportation Safety
2- Teaching the following courses at the graduate Level:
– Applied Statistics for Research
– Research Methods
3-Supervising many final projects, Masters’ Dissertation in Transportation
4-Researches in the field of Transportation
5- Consultancies and Expertise