Robert Stüssi

Robert Stüssi is an urban and regional planner, and specialized in transport policy and planning and sustainable mobility; his competences include:
mobility management – communication, promotion and branding – transport authorities and contracting – project monitoring, evaluation, benchmarking and management – institutional strengthening – alternative modes (car sharing, car pooling, bicycling and walking) and vehicle technologies – international networking and lobbying – keynote speaker, presenter, moderator and organizer of conferences – articles / proceedings / publications

Of Swiss and Portuguese nationality, Robert Stüssi has a 38 year career with professional experience as free lance consultant and manager of various companies; research and teaching experience at several universities and training courses; advisor to government and regional and local authorities; as team or consortium leader and as project director, responsible for the management of projects and studies financed by different countries and international agencies (WB, EC, BAD, ASDI); Working experience in Canada, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
Recent priorities: advising cities on new mobility concerns and the introduction of soft and complementary modes: walking, bicycling, traffic calming, car sharing and pooling, flexible transport and on the introduction of alternative vehicle and fuel technologies, having directed a 25 city two and a half year demonstration program with two electric mini buses. Frequent organizer, moderator and speaker in international conferences.

1982 SWISS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Lausanne, Switzerland Postgraduate course on developing countries
1981-82 CONFERENCE UNIVERSITAIRE ROMANDE Lausanne, Switzerland Postgraduate course on regional master plans
Communauté d’Etudes pour l’Aménagement du Territoire
1970-72 UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Master of Science in Planning
School of Community and Regional Planning Vancouver, Canada
1964-68 SWISS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Zurich B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Major in Transportation Planning