Jeannot Mersch, a bereaved father who lost his 13 years old daughter Sandy 20 years ago on her way to school hit by a light commercial vehicle. Since then he joined Luxemburg’s Road Victim Association AVR where he was the president since 1999-2015.

As FEVR delegate he joined the board of the federation in 2004 and was elected president of FEVR in October 2010.

In Luxemburg he was active in several ministerial working groups for road safety and also as a passionate road safety advocate responsible for FEVR European activities.

President is regularly travelling to Brussels to participate in workshops and was also invited as speaker to several seminars through Europe. He represents FEVR at the ETSC main council and is also the delegate for the UN working party on road safety WP1.
He accepted to be the National Correspondent for Luxemburg of the European RS Charter and is a committee member of the new European Citizen Initiative on 30km/h.

His nationality is Luxemburg, lives with his family in Luxemburg has still 4 children, all grown up.

He is a retired diploma sound engineer who was responsible for organizing and supervising Luxemburg Philharmonic Orchestra Audio Production till October 2009, when he retired to have more time at his disposal for victims and road danger reduction concerns and feels that this is also the wish of Sandy .