Erik Donkers

Director VIA

 Rembrandterf 1, 5261 XS Vught, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0) 73 657 91 15

Profile Erik Donkers

In the past 32 years I have gained a lot of experience as a consultant in various projects at municipal, provincial and national level. Often focused on the development of new methods and techniques, supported by digital applications and databases.

After graduating from the Traffic Academy in Tilburg (Netherlands) in 1984, I started my own consulting firm, today’s VIA. From the start road safety and IT were my areas of focus. In the early nineties VIA launched its first traffic engineering software for governments, an accident analysing programme, the current VIA Software.

Since 2012 VIA focuses completely on the development of traffic-ICT aimed at providing insight into road safety, stimulating automated work processes and bringing together people and knowledge. We do this using our software and by organizing trainings. All our software is web-based, available on a tablet and internationally applicable. The VIA Software has over 1,400 users.

To achieve our goals, we work closely with various partners in the field of data (eg speed data from TomTom), different road safety organizations and professional organizations (eg National Police and Association of Insurers for STAR accident reporting).

I believe that software can improve road safety through road safety management, data collection and analysis with practical applications for politicians, professionals and the public.

Profile VIA

Traffic ICT company VIA focuses on road safety and software development for governments. By working together with various partners, we have unique data, smart applications and focused trainings to provide you with a current and complete overview of road safety. Within our software, for example the widely used Statistic en Signal module, we provide insight into road safety, we encourage efficient work process and create a platform for road safety.