Graduate and Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Valencia (Spain), Master in Communication at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain), Master in Strategic Consulting at the University of Valencia (Spain).

Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain) profile “Traffic and Road Safety”, attached to the Department of Basic Psychology, Faculty of Psychology.

Researcher and Director of the Institute of Traffic and Road Safety at the University of Valencia (INTRAS) and Director of the Research Group DATS (Development and Advising in Traffic Safety), all belonging to the University of Valencia. It also is a Research Member of the Laboratoire de psychologie “Processus de pensée et interventions” (PPI) of L’UNAM (Université Nantes Le Mans Angers) Pôle de Recherche et d’enseignement supérieur (public establishment of scientific cooperation).

Director of the SISTEM Chair for Innovation and Support to the Efficient and Sustainable Management of the Urban Mobility.

He is currently member of the Governing Council of the University of Valencia, member of the Council and the Permanent Board of INTRAS, member of the Council of the Department of Basic Psychology. Previously, among other positions he has held the posts of Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, INTRAS Deputy Director, Director of Studies and Programs of Education Initiatives and Road Safety and Research Director of Attitudes (Social Program Audi).

AS A TEACHER, since 1996, has been teaching various subjects at 8 degrees between BA, MA and undergraduate studies in more than 20 postgraduate courses and masters (of which 12 of them is or has been Director) and 5 doctoral programs, belonging to the University of Valencia and 11 other universities (and is currently the director of one of them: Doctoral Program in Traffic and road Safety of INTRAS of the University of Valencia).

Some of these degrees are “Psychology”, “Teacher,” “Speech”, “Humanities” “Social Work”, “Psycho pedagogy”, “Criminology”… Some of these matters related to the Traffic and Road Safety are: “Introduction to Road Safety: Epidemiology and Risk Groups”, “Road Safety II: Human Factor,” “Road Education”, “Training and Education Road” “Decision making in Road Safety”, “Publicity in Traffic and Road Safety”, etc.. Some of the subjects related to psychology are: “General Psychology”, “Learning”, “Thought”, “Addictions”, “Nonverbal Communication”, etc..

Some of the masters are: “International Master of Transportation Sciences”, ” Master’s Degree in Traffic  and Road Safety”, ” Master’s Degree in investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents”,  ” Master’s Degree in public security policies”, ” Master’s Degree in Urban Mobility” “Master of Road Safety Audit and Mobility”, “Master in Direction and Management of Road Safety”, “Master’s Degree in planning and Mobility Management”, “Master’s Degree in in Occupational Risk prevention”, “Master’s Degree in Emotional Intelligence”, “Executive Master in Project Management”, “Master’s Degree in Management, decision making and conflicts resolution”.

Some of the postgraduate (Professional Diploma of Advanced Studies, Securities Expert, etc) are: “Professional Specialization Diploma Degree in auxiliary traffic and road safety”, “Diploma in Psychology and Traffic Safety”, “Diploma in Reconstruction traffic accidents”, “Diploma  in  Specialist transport and pre-hospital health care”, “Graduate Studies in Security and Law Enforcement”, “Diploma in traffic Crime”, “Course of Psychology for postgraduates to Driver   Recognition  and Permissions Weapons”, “Postgraduate for out-of-school  Teachers in Road Education “, etc..

Some of the Universities are: Hasselt University (Belgium), Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain), Rey Juan Carlos University of Castellón (Spain), Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain),  Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), Polytechnic University of  Valencia (Spain), Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain), International University Menéndez Pelayo UIMP (Spain), University of Education distantly UNED (Spain).

He has taught over 100 courses for students and / or professionals (such aslocal police, teachers, educators), and the general public, especially workersparticularly in the context of prevention of occupational hazards of traffic.

Some of these courses have been made ​​to police (local police in Valencia, Valencian Community Police Academy, Police Academy in Madrid, Academy Mossos d’Esquadra of  Catalonia, Integral Center of Security and Emergency Training in Madrid, etc..), Engineers, teachers , preventers, managers and other professionals (Mexican Institute of Transport, Road Safety Education Centre of Salamanca (Spain), etc).

He has participated in 14 training projects, primarily as a director thereof, which has developed the training design, training of trainers, materials and in some cases the systems and processes for evaluating them.

Some of these projects have been: training courses for workers and managers of large firms (CLH, BP, Hasbro, Colebega/Coca-Cola, Bancaja, Repsol Upstream), Training on safe operation of trains (High-speed, Euromed, Local Train) Training of trainers of educational programs (infant school of road education Attitudes/Audi, safe driving course Government of Galicia, the  children’s Traffic Park Circuit Ricardo Tormo of Cheste, School Program BMW of road education).

Some of the above “courses” and “training projects” have been made ​​with the training programs and tools developed as part of his research work as in the case of programs, computer software, audiovisual parts and simulators driving.

Some of the institutions for which it has developed training courses for the prevention of occupational risks are: Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Government of Valencia, the Confederation of Organizations of the Valencian Community (CIERVAL) Valencian Business Confederation (CEV), Business Confederation of the Province of Alicante (COEPA), Confederation of Businessmen of Castellón (CEC), the General Union of Workers of Valencia (UGT-PV) and the Trade Union Confederation of Workers of Valencia (CCOO-PV).

Some of the companies for which it has developed training courses for the prevention of occupational risks are: ACC, Acciona Facility Services, Aena, Alsa group Aumar-Abertis, Port Authority, Cemex, provincial fire Consortium (Speis Alicante), Consum, Post and Telegraph, DHL  Express, FCC construction, public works Franjuan, Gas Natural SDG, Iberdrola electric distribution, Mediatrans, Spanair, Telepizza, Overseas-Express Transport, UTE-Swisport Iberia, Cleop.

He has published 3 educational books and 30 book chapters. He has also done some educational guides and other materials related to teaching.

Some of the books are: “Cognitive learning. Basic concepts and its practice”, “Operant conditioning. Basic concepts and its practice”. And some of the chapters are: “Decision-making in the management of weapons”, “Stress and driving”, “Fatigue and driving”, “The scope of the intervention-prevention”, “Police supervision: legislation, monitoring and sanction system”, “Basic elements and techniques for the design and development of prevention campaigns and outreach on traffic and road safety”, “Documentary languages”, “Time of reaction and discrimination”.

He has participated in numerous committees of academic organization of degrees and higher education (both at departmental, faculty, university and inter-university levels).

Some of these commissions in which he has participated as a member have been: “CAT (academic title Commission) of Teaching”, “Commission of studies of the University of Valencia”, “Commission technique of titles (CTT) of the University of Valencia”, “Commission of reform of plans of study of the Faculty of psychology of the University of Valencia”,

He has member of numerous committees for hiring teachers at the University of Valencia.

AS A RESEARCHER, since 1991, he has participated in more than 140 advice, research, development and innovation projects for numerous public administrations, institutions and companies, which mostly has played the role of project manager.

Some of these projects are:

  • Epidemiological/accidentality studies: “Epidemiological study of the major factors in the production of road traffic accidents in the Valencian Community and its major sequels valuation”, “Prevention of Accidents in itinere”, “Analysis of the information of investigation of traffic accidents/incidents of trains”, “Highway safety factors”, “Analysis and investigation of traffic accidents in the city of Valencia”.
  • Studies of mobility/Security plans: “Study on parking demand and other basic data of traffic in the city of Valencia”, “Factors that affect safety and proposals for action for the city of Murcia”, “Definition of the Global Plan I of Road Safety on the roads of the Valencian Community”, “Comprehensive plan for elimination and eradication of black spots on the roads of the provincial Council of Valencia”.
  • Theoretical, opinion, experimental and/or quasi-experimental studies: “Factors and strategies of intervention on the level of alertness in driving”, “Users of Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV)”, “Evaluation of perception of highway users and employees”, “Analysis of professional qualifications of the social agents in the sector of the driving schools”, “Distractions and driving”, “Training and road education”, “Young and driving”, “Social behaviour and driving”, “Child road safety”.
  • Developments: “Implementation and testing of certificates of professionalism in the transport of heavy goods vehicles”, “Facilitation in obtaining driving licences for groups in situations of social exclusion”, ” Service documentation in support internet on traffic and road safety”, “Computer system for the interactive evaluation of drivers”, “Pilot intervention programme aimed at sanctioned subjects by driving under the influence of alcohol”, “Development of an educational programme for young people who serve in its application to commute the sanction proposals for infringements of traffic and road safety”, ” Programme of intervention in the field of security in railways: Analysis and modeling of the process of regulatory infringements”, “Implementation and evaluation of the questionnaire of behaviors in driving (DBQ)”.
  • Evaluation/Improvement: “Evaluation of the Spanish pilot tests of the European project ADVANCED”, “Evaluation of the project 068_0808: Garcia Castro roundabout of the city of A Coruña”, “Training Spanish System in Spain”.

Some public administrations for which has developed research projects are: PHEA (Public Health Executive Agency) · Government of Spain – DGT (General Directorate of Traffic – Ministry of the Interior)- IMSERSO (Institute of Migration and Social Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) · Government of Valencia – Department of Health and Consumer Affairs – General Directorate of Public Health –  Department of Economics, Finance and Employment – General Directorate of Labour – Department of Social Welfare – IVAJ (Valencian Youth Institute) / IVADIS (Valencian Institute for the Care of the Disabled and Social Action – COPUT (Consellería de Public Works, Urban Planning and Transport) · Government of Galicia -General Directorate of Young People –  · DIVAL (provincial Council of Valencia) – Road Área – · Town hall of Valencia – Councillorship of Education / Councillorship of Traffic – · Town hall of Murcia, etc.

Some of the institutions for which it has developed research projects are: CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) · Public Enterprise of the Ministry of Science and Innovation · CNAE (National Confederation of Driving Schools) · Armed Forces · Valencia Community Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks ·  Spanish Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks ·  Foundation RACC de Promotion and Defense of Driver ·  Institute Mapfre of Road Safety of Mapfre Fundation · TUR (Tranporporterhvervets UddannelsesRad).

Some of the companies for which he has developed research projects are: AUDI (VAESA-Wolkswagen Audi Spain, S.A.) ·  AUMAR (Highways of Mare Nostrum) of ABERTIS Group · ETRASA (Editorial Road Traffic, S.A.) – belonging to the group Springer-, General Asde, S.A., Norauto, RACC (Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia), RENFE (National Network of Spanish Railways) –UNE Local Train, UNE Traffic-, SEPIVA (Valencia Industrial Safety and Promotion, S.A.), Union Mutual, Municipal Transport Company of Valencia (EMT) · SISTEM (CPS Group).

He has published over 37 scientific and popular books and 7 book chapters. He has also published 11 computer applications (on CD or DVD) and 11audiovisual works most of them related to traffic and road safety. It also has more than 20 articles published in scientific journals and popular science. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of 3 scientific journals and reviewer of 13 more.

Some of the titles of the books of Road Safety are the following: “Road Safety Manual. The Human Factor”, “Aggressiveness in driving. A view from the Spanish population”, “Justice in Traffic. Analysis of the legislative-executive cycle at the international level”, “Emotions and Driving. Theory and Foundations”, “Road health. Theory and practice of physical and mental disorders on driving”, ” The management of the black  spots in the framework of the management systems of the safety of road infrastuctures.”

Some of the books belonging to programmes developed: “Safe driving. Course for the youth of driving in adverse circumstances”, “Programme for the prevention of traffic accidents and its main sequels”, “General Manual of the attitudes change programme for young drivers ACTION”, “Report of elaboration, development and evaluation of a program of road education for older people”, “Manual of the educational program for children Attitudes”.

Some of the programs of training in CD Rom format: “I Training programme on road safety for businesses”, “The motorbike: Driving school”, “The bike: your passion”, “Acting with Attitudes” of social program of Audi, “Aumar for your safety”, “Training program in traffic accidents for the Spanish Armed Forces”.

Some of the videos (some of them are resources for some of the programs and presentations): “Safe driving for heavy truck drivers”, “To drive-himself. A film to mobilize consciences in the traffic”, “Old people of nowadays in traffic”, “Youth. Victims or culprits?”, “Social behaviour in traffic: in practice”.

Some of the tools of innovation: “Series of tests TDA-01 Test of psychological aptitude for possession of firearms and private security “, “Simulation system for the prevention of occupational hazards PREVISIM-SICAM (of trucks)”, “Simulation system for the prevention of occupational hazards PREVISIM-SIAUTO (of vehicles)”, a 4-screen CAVE with retro-projected floor and VideoWall for the CPS Showroom headquaters (Road, Airports, Port, and Military aplications).

Some journals where he has published are: “Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology”, “Journal of continuing education on road safety in the road transport of goods and passengers”, “Journal of General and Applied Psychology”, “Mexican Journal of Psychology”, “Methodology of Behavioral Sciences”, “Health Psychology”, “BMC Public Health”, “American Journal of Applied Psychology”, “Securitas Vialis. European Journal on Traffic, Transport and Road Safety”, “Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public Health”, “Annals of General Psychiatry”, “Highways Journal”, “Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy”.

Moreover, it is member of the Editorial Committee of “Securitas Vialis. European Journal on Traffic, Transport and Road Safety”, and the scientific committe of the same and in “American Journal of Applied Psychology” and “International Psychology, Practice and Research” and reviewer of the same and in the journals “Psicothema”, “Journal of Public Health”, “Traffic Injury Prevention”, ” Anxiety and Stress”, “Ingenieria y Sociedad”, “American Journal of Public Health Research”, “American Journal of Vehicle Design”, ” Criminality”, “Science Journal of Public Health”, “Science Journal of Education”, “Universal Journal of Psychology”, “Journal of Finance and Economics” and “Journal of Environmental and Occupational Science”.

He has participated in more than 75 scientific and informative conferences with more than 100 contributions (presentations, papers, roundtables, posters) that many have been made by order. It has also participated in the organization of 10 Congress as a member of the Committee scientist/organizer.

Some of these congress have been: ” Latin American Congress of Psychology”, “23rd International Congress of Applied Psychology”, “XI Community Symposium of Auto Insurance”, “7th Automotive Technical Symposium UPNA/STA”, “International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTT’96)”, “Study Symposium The urban accident and its environment”, “International Congress on Urban Traffic”, “European Conference on Transport Psychology. Assises Européenes de Psychologia Appliquée aux transports de la EUROPSYT”, “I National Congress on Prevention of Accidents on highways and roads: Safety at the down of the new millennium of CONAPREA of México”, “Iª European Week of Science in Valencia”, ” Congress of the Confederation of Driving Schools, IV Congress of Transport Engineering (CIT 2000)”, ” National Congress on Workplace Safety)”,  “VIII Methodology of social sciences and health Congress”, “VII Congress on intelligent transport systems”,  “Symposium of Reflection Attitudes”, “V Congress of Survey Methodology “, “CPER 10- Axe 1-aTelier 4- action 2: Sécurité Routière: education et Prévention”.

He has participated in the selection process and has conducted numerous training places of research staff (collaboration and research scholars), as well as researchers.

He has directed 6 doctoral thesis and one of MA have been read with the qualification of cum-laude (one of them with European mention), and directs other 12 that are currently underway. He has also been director of many research papers. He has also participated as a member of the Court of 9 theses and more than 40 research papers as a member of the Court of the DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) of the doctoral programme Traffic and Road Safety.

Some of these theses are: “Toxicology and traffic accidents: A study through police data and of the SAMU of the city of Valencia”, “Corporative social responsability, Corporate governance and financial performance: an interdisciplinary study between finance and psychology”, “Road safety in the main Spanish newspapers (2000-2008) and study on its effectiveness in reducing road accidents”, “Evaluative study of aggressive behavior and its determinants in the driving in the Spanish population”, “Determination of variables to consider in developing a regulations on fatigue and driving times for Mexican Republic”, “The Spanish psychologist to the prevention of road traffic accidents. A model of action for a story”.

Works and institutions with which he has worked have received some important awards product of its activity.

Among those awards are: “Cross of Professional Merit of the Municipal Police of Madrid” to Francisco Alonso, “Solidarity Award of Road Safety” to Intras from Linea Directa Insurance, “Medal of Merit of road safety in the category of silver and distinctive blue” to Audi from Ministry of the Interior, “Award for best informative work on road safety” to the communication campaign to publicize the main results of the study ‘ children, cities and road safety: a view from the research” developed by Attitudes/Intras. Award Barcelona for Road Safety Memorial M. Àngels Jiménez”, “Special Award for Training and Application of New Technologies in Prevention of Occupational Hazards” developed by Intras/Robotica, awarded in Laboralia 2007 from Valencia Community Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and “IBTTA Award” to the research project Alert (Factors and Intervention Strategies On Driver Alert Level on Highway) from International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association.

AS A POPULARIZER/COMMUNICATOR, he has participated in more than 50 programs and news of more than 20 radio stations and 11 different televisions. Likewise some of his “statements”, sometimes product of press conferences he has done (some also with the role of “spokesperson”) have been collected by more than 33 written publications (magazines and daily press) and more than 35 web media.

Some of the publications are: Daily Press (El Mundo, El País, ABC, Diario Público, 20 minutos, Metro, Que!), Motor Magazines (Autopista, Autopasión, Coche Actual, Motor 16, etc.) Trends Magazines (Revista Tiempo, Mujer Hoy, etc.). Internet portals are: autocity.com, autoglobal.com, hispanidad.com, hispavista.com, lexureditorial.com, puestaapunto.com, terra.es, yahoo.es, micoche.com, supermotor.com. The televisions are: Televisión Española, Antena 3, Tele5, La sexta, regionals, Popular TV. The radio stations are: Radio Nacional de España, COM Radio, COPE, La Ser, Punto Radio, Radio Marca, Intereconomía. Some of the programs: news programs, Protagonistas, La Brújula, Gente, Para Todos la 2, La Mirada Crítica, Al sur de la semana, etc.

Some of the press conferences have been: “Presentation of a simulator for the prevention of occupational hazards for traffic”, “Presentation of 7th Symposium of Reflection Attitudes Health Road Is the driver to therapy?” and studies “Health Road. Foundations for the intervention” and “Health Road. Diagnosis of Spanish drivers”, “Presentation of Road education programme for mentally handicapped person of Children’s Traffic Park of Cheste (Spain)”, “Presentation of sanctions swap programme for young people of the Town Hall of Valencia (Spain)”.

Some of Trade Fairs and y Expositions where he has exhibited: “Stand DATS-ARTEC: Post truck simulation for the prevention of occupational hazards of traffic. Fair Prevention of Occupational Hazards, Laboralia 2011. Fair Valencia”, “Stand INTRAS: Traffic problems and road safety. 6000 years of history. Car Fair 1998. Fair Valencia”.