Day 2


08:30 – 11:00 : First Session

Road Safety Management

Chairperson: Mr. José Miguel Trigoso, President of PRPortugal & Congress
Scientific Committee
1st paper: Dr. Darrin GRONDEL, Director, W.T.S.Commission / USA
• “Washington’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan“
2nd paper: Ms. Robyn ROBERTSON, CEO & President, TIRF / Canada
• “Knowledge Translation and RS Mgt : Using research to inform decision –
3rd paper: Dr. Dominique MIGNOT, Director, of Safety, IFSTTAR/France
• “For a Global Political Road Safety Approach: The PESTEL Analysis Example“
4th paper: Dr. Wouter VAN DER BERGHE, Research Director, BRSI Chairman
International, ESRANET/Belgium
• “International Differences in Attitudes Towards Speeding & Distraction while
Driving“ (Result Data from Europe, USA, Canada, Korea & Australia)”
5th paper: Erik DONKERS, Director, VIA Technologies, The Netherlands
• “Traffic Police in EU ( TISPOL ) : Overview of the work done in The
Netherlands in cooperation with the Police“
6th paper : Ms. Véronique FEYPELL De La BEAUMELLE, Policy Analyst / ITF
Administrator / IRTAD / France
• “ITF / OECD Report on The Safe System & RS Data Analysis“
11:00 – 11:10 : Dr. Wassim RAPHAEL, Director, Dept of Doctoral Studies /
University of St Joseph / Lebanon
“Introducing the Master in Road Safety Management”

  • Discussion

11:10 – 11:30 : Coffee Break

11:30 – 14:00 : Second Session

Post Crash Response

Chairperson: Pr. Mondher MBAREK, Center of Traumatology & Serious burn
victims Head of Department, Orthopaedies / Tunisia
7th paper: Mrs. Mavis JOHNSON, President, C. T. S. I. / Canada
• “Post Crash Response“
8th paper: Dr. Emmanuel LAGARDE, Research Director, INSERM / France
• “Health Consequences & stress related conditions after the crash“
9th paper: Dr. Riana CONSTANTINOU, Ministry of Health, Head of Department –
Ambulance Services / Cyprus
• “Overview of Cyprus Ambulance Services: Current Challenges & Next Steps“
10th paper: Pr. Marc FREYSZ, MD, PhD, CFMT / France
• “Medical Care of Severe Road Trauma Patient“
11th paper: Mr. Jeannot MERSCH, President, FEVR / Luxemburg
• “Why do we need a better post crash response ?“
12th paper: Mr. Ahmed AL HAJERI, Deputy Executive Director, Abu Dhabi National
Ambulance / UAE
“Achieving Efficieney in responding to motor vehicle accidents“

  •  Discussion

14:00– 15:30: Lunch

15:30 – 18.00 : Third Session

Safer Roads & Mobility

Chairperson: Mr. Brahim BAAMAL, Director, Road Transport & Road Safety, M.E.T.L.W. /
Kingdom of Morocco
13th paper: Prof. Christer HYDEN, Prof. Emeritus at Transport & Roads,
Lund University, Division of Traffic Engineering / NORWAY
• “ Infrastructural measure from a safety point of view “
14th paper: Eng. Benaceur BOULAAJOUL, Permnent Secretary, CNPAC/Morocco
• “Road Safety Countermeasures to improve the safety of vulnerable road
users in urban areas”
15th paper: Mr. Robert STÜSSI, Urban & Mobility Planner / Portugal
• “ Road Safety in the Context of Intermodality, Active Modes & Transport for
Mobility Challenges “
16th paper: Dr. Abdullah Salem AL KATHEERI, Director General, FTA / UAE
17th paper: Eng. Stergios MAVROMATI, NTUA / Greec
• “Road Safety Investments & Interventions in South East Europe”
18th paper: Dr. Yarob BADR, Regional Advisor on Transport & Logistics /UN –
ESCWA/ Syria
«ESCWA Guide to establish RS National Systems in Arab Countries»

  •  Discussion

20:30: Official Dinner